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Why does my business, organization or company's website need SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the listing rank of a website or a web page awarded by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) by creating a website design with good related information, content and back links. This search process produces an organic or unpaid natural search engine results page (SERP). The higher the ranking and more frequently a website appears in the search engine results pages SERP, the more clicks will be generated and increased visitor traffic will be sent to the website. There are different types of search results, including image search, local search, video search and vertical search engines (by industry). SEO gives a website good internet presence. It helps promotes your business and drives traffic to your website by being listed on the first page of Google as a result of good search engine optimization SEO.
There are several major commercial search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL Search. If your website cannot be indexed by these search engines, you will not be able to promote your business very effectively on the internet. People who are looking for the products and services you offer will not be able to find you using Google. The use of Google, Yahoo and Bing are a primary method of navigation for almost all Internet users today. Key word searches, are done by typing words into the search engine box using terms and phrases that can describe and are somehow related to what you want to find. Search Engine Optimization SEO achieves increased search engine traffic and good website design can make (or break) a business or organization's success. Geo targeted visitors (advertising and marketing by location, local city or local shopping venue) can provide publicity, revenue, and local business branding. Investing in a good website design, search engine optimization SEO, internet advertising and marketing, can have a high rate of return on investment (ROI). Search Engine Optimization SEO, combined with the creation and use of an engaging well designed website to reach customers is the most cost effective form of internet advertising and marketing. The overall online results using good web design, can last a very long time. Your competition can take a large part of your advertising market, in which case it might then be hard to undo.
GeoClickz can help you get ranked on Google's natural search results using our SEO Tools and web design services. Internet advertising and marketing using a website that has good design is very cost effective. Visit our main user directory to view all the webpages that our GeoClickz business community has designed to promote their businesses. We offer these GeoClickz Orlando SEO Tools and web design services as a valuable service for local businesses to advertise and market themselves. Our GeoClickz Orlando SEO Tools, web design services, internet advertising, web hosting and SEO are easy to use. Grow your business using the internet's search engines with high ranking free organic search results. Your web page advertising will be ranked on Google's Search Results Page SERP. Get your business ranked on Google with a well designed website and help jump start your business advertising and marketing campaign.

What are free GeoClickz Orlando SEO Tools and how can I use them?

GeoClickz Orlando SEO Designer Tools and Orlando web design services are software components that have been developed by GeoClickz Orlando that enables you to design and create effective web page ads for your Orlando business that links back to your main website. These web page ads are "Orlando internet advertising signs" that are fully optimized for effective Google ranking of your Orlando business. They are automatically created and optimized when you provide information about your Orlando business, products and services. These user created GeoClickz Directory advertising web pages use good Orlando web design practices and provide back links to your Orlando website that allows traffic to be redirected to you. Use the GeoClickz Orlando Designer SEO Tools and Orlando web design services to create good informative web pages for Google Orlando search and for your customers to easily find your business on the internet. Link these web pages to your existing business website and new customers will be able to easily find your Orlando business website, products and services. Your existing main Orlando business website is not modified, we just send traffic to you using a back link from our GeoClickz Directory.
Use our simple GeoClickz SEO Designer Tools and Orlando web design services to create listings and web pages for your company. Post your newly created web pages online by using the submit button to activate your advertisement to display on our GeoClickz directory. Create additional pages about your Orlando company and the products you offer. The more "advertising signs" you place online using our SEO Tools and directory, the more possible ways you can deliver your advertising message.
See how many visitors you get by checking your traffic count on your own web page (see the "GeoPageViews" visitor count). Use that visitor count number as a guide to monitor which web page ads perform the best. Create more web page ads (free advertising and marketing signs) as needed to sharpen your advertising skills. The more visitors you attract to your web page ad the greater the chances of getting a phone call, email, click to your website or walk in visitor as a customer.

Three Simple Steps - For Search Engine Optimization (using SEO Tools and web design services)

Step 1

Create a useful, information-rich web page using the SEO Tools and web design services provided. Write content that clearly and accurately describes your business, products and services. The more detail you provide the better the web page ad will be rated for Google ranking.
Step 2

Think about the keywords users would type to find your business, and make sure that your web page ads actually includes those words within it (title, caption and description sections). These are the "keywords" people use in the Google Search Box to find you. The titles of your web pages and the words used to describe them are very important and has a significant role in the Google Search ranking process. Make sure your main keyword terms are also included in the page title of the web page ad (Business Name, Product Name etc).
Step 3

Link the web page ads you create (in the GeoClickz Directory) to a specific section (location) on your existing main business website. If you offer a specific product or service, link the GeoClickz web page ad to that particular product information section on your main business website. This will bring visitor traffic directly to the information they need and where it can be found on your main website.

How can I make changes to my GeoClickz SEO business information?

As a registered GeoClickz user, you can always add, remove or change content, photos and web links to your posted GeoClickz advertising web pages using your account login and password. When a web page ad is updated or removed, it will automatically update in the Google search results. You don't need to do anything to make this happen. You can create a whole network of "advertising signs" on the internet to drive business to your front door. If you remove (delete) the GeoClickz web page ads they will eventually fall off the Google database of indexed search results (they will no longer be linked to your website).

Our Mission Statement

To stimulate local Orlando economic growth by providing a robust, extensive user created directory of local Orlando business web pages (using SEO Tools) which can be searched and accessed from any internet browsing device, all available to both the business owners and consumers at no cost. You build it, they will come...

Why can't Google rank my website without SEO help?

Search engines are always making improvements towards providing a good set of search results for the user. However, the search engines constantly change the method used and how they operate for you. When an Orlando website is correctly search engine optimized SEO, people can easily find you. If you don't have the right information presented and indexed by the search engines, your website will be listed on the less important pages (on pages 3, 4 or even 10 in the search engine results). In addition to presenting content to search engines, SEO integrated web design can also help boost Google ranking so that your website is easily found by the general public using different keyword searches. Online advertising and search engine marketing SEM is becoming increasingly competitive, and those companies who perform additional SEO and SEM will have a distinct advantage with increased traffics to their websites. Every website needs SEO help with good web design, we make it easy for you.

No changes needed to be made to your existing website

GeoClickz Orlando Web Design Services provides a free method to increase the visibility of your Orlando website without any design changes to your existing business website itself using GeoClickz SEO Tools and Orlando web design services . There is no risk to you and nothing is needed to be modified on your website design in order to benefit from our SEO Tools and web design services. We add additional online "Orlando advertising signs" on the vast internet linking back to your Orlando business website. It is like picking up shoppers from several different locations and dropping them off at your front door. You just provide us the link to your destination (company website address) and we will bring visitors there for free. Use our SEO Tools and Orlando web design services to get them to come to you.

What is the 3 click rule?

When an internet user searches to find information about a business, product or service, they should be able to find relevant content about these topics using just three mouse clicks. If it takes more than three clicks to get to their final destination, they usually start the Google search over with another set of keywords. Most people won't stay on an Orlando business website for more than a few mouse clicks, usually there isn't much entertainment value to view and the website visitor just wants to get to the point of the matter. If you enter a website and you don't find anything interesting or important to you within three clicks, the customer usually exits the website and starts looking elsewhere. Keep this in mind when you upload and design the content, photos and description of your GeoClickz Orlando web page ads. If you don't capture the interest of the website visitor very early from the start, they will leave your web page to look somewhere else.

What is NEDIC and why is it important for my SEO ads?

NEDIC is an acronym for the different types of buyers a business might have for their product. If a business can figure out the primary motivation the customer has to make a purchase, then the business can become more profitable by producing ads that will attract thatspecific type of customer. Your business should design an internet marketing and web page advertising campaign for each one of these different "buyer types". Your business will be more successful at internet advertising and marketing as a result. The following are the different types of "ready to buy" customers that are searching the internet looking for your product or service.
N - New customer, doesn't know you yet
(Tell them a good story of why they should use you)

E - Emergency buyer, needs you right now, ASAP
(Help me now, I need someone quick)

D - Dissatisfied consumer, wants to change
(I am unhappy with my current provider)

I - Infrequent buyer, once in a while purchase
(I only need one, but I have lots of friends)

C - Comparison shopper, looking for other options
(Let me analyze this first, I have a choice)
Each one of these unique types of customers have different reasons for using your products or services. Focus on the type of customer that is most profitable for your business and create a SEO web page ad (Orlando advertising sign) for that customer to find on Google Search.

Orlando Web Design, Web Hosting and Search Optimization SEO Tools - Orlando Business Advertising

Small business advertising can be very confusing for many companies. Some Orlando businesses often miss the fundamentals of advertising and marketing and as a result they make many costly mistakes along the way. Regardless of the size of your Orlando business, the basic principles and understanding of the rules need to be followed when it comes to advertising for Orlando effectively. Use GeoClickz Orlando Web Design SEO Tools as a low cost solution for internet marketing. Understanding these fundamental rules of advertising can have a dramatic increase in profits and help with new customer acquisition and customer retention. According to the Small Business Administration, a small business should only spend about 5% of their gross sales on advertising. Internet advertising is the best way of promoting your business. Whatever form of advertising you choose, make sure it is a good fit for your marketing plan, overall marketing strategy and marketing budget.
Here are some basic Orlando advertising and marketing strategies to follow:
1. Use One Message: An effective ad usually delivers a single message. Your small business advertising needs to easily deliver its main message in just a few seconds.

2. Add Credibility: There are many advertising claims that have been proven false in the past and the general public is hesitant to believe what you tell them. Claims need to be real and credible. Don't waste your money trying to convince consumers that your product is the best. They will not respond to your ad and it will probably tarnish your reputation for future sales.

3. Test Everything: Large businesses have a larger budget to run ads and then see the results of how the public responds. Small businesses do not have that luxury. Use small test marketing of coupons, tracking codes, and specials to measure the success and placement of your ad. Test only one item at a time and see what the response is like. Ask every customer how they heard about your business.

4. Be Easy to Contact: Every piece of literature, brochure, packaging, email and all company advertising signs should have full contact information including. Website and email address, phone and fax numbers, and company address etc. It seems simple but this is sometimes forgotten by most companies.

5. Match Ads to the Target: Successful business advertising directs a message at one target market at a time. Tailor each ad for the different types of customers you get based on what motivates them to make the purchase.

6. Create Curiosity: Successful business advertising does not close the sale on the product or service. Create ads that generate interest and make the customer want more information. The main purpose of the ad is for the customer to contact you. Then you will have the chance to give a good presentation and sell your product.
Having a poor advertising response doesn't mean that you didn't reach enough people. Often the problem is the advertising message. Small business advertising is not a quick fix solution to marketing your company. It takes planning, testing and constant repeat exposure to have a positive impact on your small business sales.

Google Search Tips and Tricks - A Message From Google

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Get information on Google's newest search features and learn tips from basic to advanced. For even more on Google search, explore our playground of fun features, or go under the hood to explore the technology that powers your searches.

Search, plus Your World - Your photos, your friends, your stuff…
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